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Angela & Elinor Projects

GBV Charitable Trust has opened multiple infant & child post rape rescue, recovery and rehabilitation projects across Kenya. Our community projects in four counties help us to protect children in severe danger in Nairobi and rural areas, and to fight against the epidemic of child rape.


The Angela & Elinor Projects are emergency safe houses for safety, post rape care and rehabilitation. These safe houses are located in Nairobi, Murang’a, Trans-Nzioa and Busia counties.


The Nairobi community projects have been a dream of mine for several years and opened in March 2017. They are located in the middle of the slums with the highest rate of rape and domestic violence.


Many severely poor women and children cannot afford even to get transport to hospitals, let alone a medical clinic in times of desperate need. Our projects provide infant and child victims with:


  • Police protection
  • Emergency surgery, inpatient and outpatient medical care, and medical / pharmaceutical expense funding
  • Psychiatric care both short and long term
  • Clothing and personal hygiene needs
  • Legal advocates
  • Transport to the district and regional hospitals for full surgery and medical care
  • Education and rehabilitation to women so they can be employed, relocate and sustain themselves.
  • Training for life skills and small businesses
  • In-house shop and international online store for purchases, so everyone can buy the goods being made.
  • Long-term educational sponsorship under the Naisula Foundation (our educational sponsorship division of the Organisation) for the children saved.


In the future with funding, domestic violence victims will be able to come to the shelter and learn a variety of skills. Courses will be run to make sure previously unemployed mothers and women can start their own business or be employed. All goods made in the centre will be available to be sold to sustain the women. Goods and training will include textiles, beautiful jewellery, leather goods, arts, hairdressing, cooking, etc.


Thousands of women and raped children go completely untreated. If help is not walking distance then it is forgone. Only the very lucky actually make it to the hospital or to reporting agencies. These particular slums in Nairobi is where the majority of the raped babies and toddlers Genevieve has taken in have been coming from. Before Genevieve permanently relocated to Kenya, the average age of a raped child in her care was 8-9 years old. The average age in this slum is 1.6 years to 2.9 years old.


Domestic violence in this slum is rife. It’s a safe estimate that well over 70% of adult women are suffering.


We are seeking Corporate Social Responsibility partners and donated funds to keep paying the monthly rent of the premises, food, bills, staff, transport, keep security teams, clinical/medical equipment, educational equipment, sewing
machines and textiles.


All donations are 100 % Tax Deductible.

‘’Do what you can, with what you have, where you are’’

Theodore Roosevelt