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Our Mission to end infant & child rape

Since January 2015, our small and dedicated team have been rescuing babies and children from rape, sex trafficking and child prostitution.

The year 2020 will be our sixth year operating in Kenya whereby we have provided over 1000 babies and kids with emergency post rape surgical, medical and rehabilitation care.

As the physical and emotional trauma the children have suffered is extensive, we offer long term rehabilitation, with full medical and psychiatric care to vulnerable children.

In almost every circumstance, the babies and children have been raped by a parent, a relative, or someone well known to them. Due to this, we have safe houses and rehabilitation centres set up throughout Kenya to ensure each baby and child receives world class care and support.

We insist all our audiences and donors understand that baby and child rape is a global problem, and that these heinous acts are committed against kids in every country in the world.

Our support to each and every child is long term. In our 5 ½ years in Kenya, we have provided urgent surgical and medical care, and advocacy to over 1100 children.

As of August 2019, our Charitable Trust and all its Kenyan registered and operated projects have provided long term post rape care to 521 children.

Our youngest raped girl was four months old. Our youngest boy was 9 months old when we received him from Kabete Police Station.

What do we do?
? We save and support the children the world wants to not even acknowledge exist or could suffer this trauma at the hands of their own relatives and people they live around. Rapists are permitted to commit such vile acts, because the world lets them and turns away when confronted with this issue. THIS IS A GLOBAL PROBLEM.

What is our mission?
? To advocate for all children, PRE OR POST RAPE, raise awareness, and shout louder to the world when we are told our work is too hard to face and to shut up.


SCREAM. Don’t enable this to happen.

The impact of rape is generational, it destroys the lives of the victims and potentially every person each single victim of rape comes into contact with during their life could suffer in the same way, if no assistance is given to victim to heal them, and break the cycle.