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Elinor Ireland – Sydney, Australia

I’ve been involved with Gen and her mission to save abused children for 5 years. At no point have I doubted her dedication and sincerity. She is on a mission to make a difference to these children’s lives. Yes it is brutal, it is raw and in many cases painful to admit that as a race we can perpetuate such sadistic violence upon the most defenseless and innocent amongst us.
Sometimes I have to force myself to read her descriptions of what happens to these children, but, if they can survive what has happened to them and still smile them the least I can do is read about their stories. There is a quote that “ evil succeeds when good men/women do nothing”.
This does not apply to Gen. It amazes me that with no concrete evidence people dismiss what she does as a “ scam” with no research and no evidence. I am no fool, I questioned, I researched, I made an informed decision to be a supporter.
 I am proud to be able to help in a small way. I will visit Gen and her family of rescued children in the next 6 months.
I am so proud to be a part of her journey. Keep going don’t give up, we need more Gen’s a 1000 times over.