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‘’You have enemies? Good.
That means you have stood up for something, sometime in your life’’

Winston Churchill

We initially came across the GBV Charitable Trust and it’s Charitable causes in January 2018 and decided to donate. We now sponsor two children and continue to make monthly donations. We make both personal donations and corporate donations from our company. We receive photos of our sponsor children, regular updates and speak to the children

I spent a few days with Gen in her Rural children’s home, one of her several homes in Kenya. I was so amazed at the work she does and how passionate Gen is about the children. It’s beautiful to see her interact with the kids she has saved. I have so much admiration for everything

I visited the GBV Charitable Trust in October 2018 and participated in climbing Mt Kenya to raise funds for this amazing organisation and its charitable projects.   I spent a week visiting the safe houses in Nairobi and the Rural areas,  which had children there as young as 2 that had suffered rape, along with

I came across the work of Genevieve de la Reux quite by accident on my Facebook feed. I had never heard of her before, but when I read the post that talked of her work rescuing children in Kenya  that had been raped and abused, I took notice. The rape and abuse of children goes

After finding out about Genevieve de la Reux and the incredible work she is doing in Kenya, I started following her & the GBV Charitable Trust on social media. I looked into her work with children and her personal history and was incredibly impressed by what she has single-handedly achieved in her years in Kenya and how lives are being saved

I’ve been involved with Gen and her mission to save abused children for 5 years. At no point have I doubted her dedication and sincerity. She is on a mission to make a difference to these children’s lives. Yes it is brutal, it is raw and in many cases painful to admit that as a

I found out about the life changing work that Genevieve is doing totally by chance on a trip to visit my aunt and uncle in Kenya. I met Gen, and the families she had taken into care, along with their relatives, while working on a safari camp and over the course of two weeks I

Genevieve first came to my attention a bit over 3 years ago when David Shoobridge posted a video of her rescuing three young African girls from a sex slavery and child trafficking organisation.  David had funded the rescue and posted the video to bring awareness to what was going on overseas and to help raise more funds

Vor ungefähr zwei Jahren , haben uns Freunde, auf die Arbeit und Foundation von Genevieve de la Reux, aufmerksam gemacht. Sofort beschlossen mein Mann und ich die Arbeit finanziell zu unterstützen. Letztes Jahr im Oktober durften wir Genevieve persönlich kennen lernen. Sie war einige Tage Gast in unserem Haus in Norddeutschland. Nie zuvor ist mir